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Afar knew that the war could not be fought, even if Major General Nikolai ordered them absolutely not to give up the Marigold Star, he could not continue with such a group of disunited guys, now the urgent task is to solve the civil strife, Justin that guy abducted half of the people, if he let it go, then the Agatha Star Robber Group's boss he Afar also need not be! But even if it was an accident, ready to give up the marigold star, Afar is not ready to let Colonel Ed feel better, before leaving to let people connect with the other side of the communication, named to speak to their highest officer on the marigold star, Colonel Ed. After waiting for a while, a stiff figure appeared in the communication light screen. He was younger than Colonel Ed, and his face was much more beautiful than Colonel Ed's, but his expression was not as rich as Colonel Ed's, so light that people could not see the depth. In the communication light screen, Arasugi nodded to Afar, "Colonel Ed has left Marigold, and now I am the commander of Demosen's army on Marigold's side." Afar's pupils suddenly contracted. "It's you!" Arashiyama, "it's me." Afar figured out a lot of questions in a flash. "What did you say to Justin when you caught him?" Arashiyama had no intention of concealing this and answered frankly, "Tell him I can catch him for the third time, and accidentally let him know that I know your surname is Hall." In fact, I didn't say anything more to him than that. At most, I didn't answer directly when he asked me how I found out that he was a disguised Dice. Then he probably misunderstood something and scared himself away. Afar cursed,30ml Dropper Bottle, "This fool!" Arasugi commented pertinently, "It's okay, Justin.". Lee is actually quite clever. His problem is that he is too timid and easy to think too much. Afar looked at her deeply, trying to find a little ruthlessness, but he only saw a pair of familiar eyes, a pair of eyes that looked like Arthur. Hall's eyes 。 Like his own, of course. Lan Shan waved his hand and asked everyone around him to leave. "I want to say a few words to you alone." Afar then dismissed his side of the people, just because of this pair of eyes without any negative emotions, his mood seems to be much better, even with a little smile to speak, "What do you want to say to me?" Arasugi, "You belong to the Agatha Star Thief Group, and I belong to the Demosen Imperial Regular Army. We are on opposite sides. I think this position was made clear when we met for the second time." Afar remembered that the second time they met was at the Star Wish Club in the Capital Star, Amber Dropper Bottles ,oil dropper bottle, where George was also present. Sagan 。 In George.. Arasugi seems to have spoken to Sagan when he left. In the future, she will incorporate the Agatha Star Thief Group. At that time, Afar was a little moved, but when he remembered it later, it was only funny. After all, Arasugi was only a first-year student in a military Academy at that time. He had neither strength nor background. It was no different to say such big words than bragging. Now it seems that she was very serious all the time. Afar looked at her with a very tolerant look. "You don't have to explain it to me again. I'm not angry. Your father did this once before. He did it worse than you. I don't want to treat him as a brother." The brothers were young adults, Arthur. Hall suddenly used the trust between the brothers to get Afar to sign and confirm a pile of documents. By the time Afar realized that it was a document in which he renounced all rights to his inheritance, it was too late, and he had become a pauper with nothing. And Arthur.. Hall turned around and put the money into a long-distance ore deal. And gave full authority to his brother Afar to take care of, trusted him so much that he did not even check the accounts, and the profits were divided equally with Afar. Arthur. Hall is very discerning. This long-distance ore trade is very profitable, in fact, it is the predecessor of the Pegasus Alpha ore trade that Afar has been doing. Within two years, afar had made far more money in the business than he could inherit, and he was very proud of his brother, Arthur. Hall's wayward behavior can only be helpless. 。 With a faint smile, he then said to Arashiyama, "But you're really too unkind." Lan Shan interrupted him, "because I know you will be equally unkind." Afar raised his eyebrows. Arashiyama bluntly pointed out, "You didn't stop Justin.". Lee went to Chiba Hoshi to catch us. If we hadn't figured it out on our own, I'm afraid it would have all been Justin.. Lee got it back. 。” Afar generously admitted, "That's right, after all, this is a battlefield, but if Justin catches you, I won't let him hurt you, I'll keep you.". To tell you the truth, I've been regretting recently that I shouldn't have left you to that Philistine woman. I should have brought you up instead of Arthur. Lan Shan reminded, "Please pay attention to the words. The Philistine and vulgar woman you said is my mother. I don't want to hear anyone say that about her." Afar apologized. "Well, I'm sorry." Arasugi, "I'm not talking to you alone to explain anything. I just want to say that I don't want to be an enemy of you. You might as well surrender to the Demosen Empire as to the Vis. Think about it carefully. You don't have to contact anyone else. You can come to me directly." Afar laughed. "My dear, I know you are developing very fast in the army of Demosen, but if I remember correctly, you are only a major now.". The major has no right to accept the surrender! Arashiyama, "I won't always be just a major." Afar felt that he could not see through her again. Did Arasugi mean that she would be promoted again in the near future? The problem is it's impossible! Many people may not be able to be promoted to a higher level even if they suffer in the regular army for several years. Sighed lightly, "You are so confident.". Honey, you win. I'll evacuate Marigold with all my men in half an hour. You can send someone directly to take over Prynne's military base. Don't worry, I won't set traps inside. Looking deeply at Arasugi, "I wanted to say something to Colonel Ed before I left, but since you took over from Colonel Ed and stayed at Marigold,glass cream jars, it's the same for you." Arashiyama guessed that he wouldn't say anything good, but asked patiently, "What is it?" 。

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